The City Of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy #1) by S.A. Chakraborty [Review]

RELEASE DATE: March 08, 2018
AUTHOR: S.A. Chakraborty
New-Adult, Fantasy,  Magic, Adventure.
Harper Voyager

Among the bustling markets of eighteenth century Cairo, the city’s outcasts eke out a living swindling rich Ottoman nobles and foreign invaders alike.

But alongside this new world the old stories linger. Tales of djinn and spirits. Of cities hidden among the swirling sands of the desert, full of enchantment, desire and riches. Where magic pours down every street, hanging in the air like dust.

Many wish their lives could 

be filled with such wonder, but not Nahri. She knows the trades she uses to get by are just tricks and sleights of hand: there’s nothing magical about them. She only wishes to one day leave Cairo, but as the saying goes…

Be careful what you wish for.



MY REV (Copy)

City of Brass is a first installment in the Daevabad series. I’m great fan of books with djinns and I’ve been wanting to read this book since I’ve first heard about it.  This book was really a delight to read. It was quite different than the other djinn books I’ve read so far, but it doesn’t mean that it was a total perfection. For a debut, I think it was a pretty good start and hope the next one is even better.
Among the bustling markets of Cairo, twenty year old Nahri makes a living by swindling the rich by using her tricks. Magic doesn’t exist in their city and it is illegal to  practice any kind of magic. Nahri possesses a unique ability to heal but she never believed in old tales of Djinns and spirits. They’re only myths to them. When Nahri raises one of the creatures from the myths, her whole world turns upside. She’s forced to travel to a magical world where all myths and legends really exists.
Nahri was a strong and stubborn heroine but some of her actions seemed really annoying and childish sometimes. Although I enjoyed her character, she’s not my ideal protagonist. I hope she changes my opinion in the next book. Dara might seem rude and jerk sometimes but he’s the only character that caught my interest. He’s a very intriguing and fierce character, and I didn’t cared much about the other guy. Prince Ali is another main character in this series but unfortunately he didn’t sparked my interest. His character seemed a little dull to me. His older brother seemed more interesting though. There is some romance in this book. Although I enjoyed it, I wish there was more interactions between the couple because It developed a bit faster than I had expected. Currently, I’m rooting for these two but after the events at the end, I’m not sure that my ship will sail. Honestly, I don’t mind a triangle in a book, but in this one I wish there wasn’t any.
The plot was entertaining but the middle part seemed dragged to me. Nevertheless, the story held my interest till the end. Some of the twists were predictable but some really surprised me especially the last one which left me shocked and heart broken. The epilogue gave me a bit relief and hope. The book was written in Nahri and Ali’s POV. I wish there was also Dara’s perspective in this book. The author’s writing was captivating throughout. The world building, the culture, and the magic was amazing. I really loved the fascinating city of Daevabad where magic and Djinns are norm. There are two types of Djinns, the purebloods who’re called Daevas, and the halfbreeds(offsprings of human and Djinn) called shafits. The magic was unique but don’t expect any djinn lamps in this book. I seriously can’t wait to explore more of this world and magic.
Overall, I really liked this book! Despite few issues, I enjoyed the whole journey. It’s a fun ride filled with magic, adventure, djinns, and a dash of romance. The book finally concluded with a minor cliffhanger but still I’m very much excited for the next book.
Recommend it?
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I highly recommend this book if you’re into fantasy reads and djinns.





[4/5 Stars]

So, What do you think of this book? Have you read it yet? Do you Plan to read it?

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31 thoughts on “The City Of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy #1) by S.A. Chakraborty [Review]

  1. Lori's Bookshelf Reads December 29, 2018 / 12:59 am

    I thought it was good as well. Can’t wait until book 2 coming January 8th!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Raven @ Dreamy Addictions December 29, 2018 / 1:02 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed it too! I’ve heard the second book is even better than the first one. Let’s hope we both love it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lori's Bookshelf Reads December 29, 2018 / 1:13 am

        It better be 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Marie December 29, 2018 / 3:36 pm

    This is a lovely review, Raven! I’ve heard so much about this book all around, I might have to give it a try sometime 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ariellereads December 29, 2018 / 8:28 pm

    I’ve had my eye on this one so I’m glad to see you liked it!! Hopefully you like the second even more!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Raven @ Dreamy Addictions December 30, 2018 / 5:06 pm

      Thank you!😊 It was a good read and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. I hope you enjoy it if you decide to give it a shot! 😊


  4. Umairah December 29, 2018 / 9:27 pm

    City of Brass is on my tbr and now you’ve convinced me to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Beware Of The Reader December 29, 2018 / 11:05 pm

    OK I don’t have any excuses now! I just hope the middle of the book won’t drag for me but maybe I should wait for the sequel?

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sophie @ Blame Chocolate December 30, 2018 / 4:23 pm

    I’m glad to read a well-balanced review about this book as mostly everyone either thinks it’s 5-star-perfect or just meh. Your asseessment is definitely more realistic and interesting to me, and it certainly made me pumped to read this book but still keeping my expectations in check 🙂
    I haven’t read a lot of djinn stories so far (just the Rebel of the Sands series) but I have this and The Forbidden Wish on my list so fingers crossed I’ll get to it soon!
    Amazing post, Raven ❤


    • Raven @ Dreamy Addictions January 3, 2019 / 4:30 am

      This book was interesting but it wasn’t perfect! I think you’ll love it if you go with low expectations. I need to finish the rebel of sands series this year. OMG I loved The Forbidden Wish! It’s one of my favorite Djinn books! I hope you enjoy it when you finally get around to it! I would love to hear your thoughts on it!
      Thank you! 😘


      • Sophie @ Blame Chocolate January 6, 2019 / 3:48 am

        Yay, so glad to hear it! ^^ I actually loved Rebel of the Sands but didn’t care much for the sequels… By book three (the final installment), I was pretty darn bored and wishing I could just read something else :/
        I hope you do enjoy it, though! I’ll be sure to review The Forbidden Wish as soon as I’m done with it too ❤

        Liked by 2 people

  7. Aislynn d'Merricksson December 30, 2018 / 7:31 pm

    Brilliant review! For some reason, this line cracked me up- [Honestly, I don’t mind a triangle in a book, but in this one I wish there wasn’t any.]
    I do hope to read this in the near future.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Raven @ Dreamy Addictions January 3, 2019 / 4:32 am

      Ahaha, Thank you! 😁 I hope you enjoy it when you finally get around to it. Thanks for the visit and Happy New year!


  8. The Candid Cover January 3, 2019 / 5:47 pm

    This is the first time that I have heard of this series. Now I am scratching my head trying to remember if I have ever read a book about djinns. It sounds fascinating and I am glad that you enjoyed it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Raven @ Dreamy Addictions January 18, 2019 / 1:30 am

      Thank you! This book was pretty good! It has all the middle eastern vibes! I love Djinns! I always find them quite fascinating! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this book if you ever decide to give it a shot! 🙂


  9. Jen January 5, 2019 / 7:28 am

    I haven’t read about books with djinns in them for….years? Huh. It’s been forever but I use to be obsessed with them. 🙂 I had my eye on this one and it seemed like people either loved or was indifferent so I loved your review! It was so refreshing and it felt like I may feel the same way you did about the characters. I’m definitely interested and here’s hoping the second book is even better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Raven @ Dreamy Addictions January 18, 2019 / 1:51 am

      Thank you, Jen! Djinn books are very rare in YA and NA fantasy genre. My last favorite was the forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury which was released in 2016.
      I would love to hear your thoughts on City of Brass! I hope you enjoy it when you finally get to it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jen January 23, 2019 / 12:53 am

        Oh YES! I liked The Forbidden Wish too! ♥


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