Adorkable By Cookie O’Gorman [Review]

RELEASE DATE:  March 31, 2016
AUTHOR: Cookie O’Gorman
GENRE:  Young-Adult, Contemporary, Romance.

Adorkable (ah-dor-kuh-bul): Descriptive term meaning to be equal parts dorky and adorable. For reference, see Sally Spitz.

Seventeen-year-old Sally Spitz is done with dating. Or at least, she’s done with the horrible blind dates/hookups/sneak attacks her matchmaking bestie, Hooker, sets her up on. There’s only so much one geek girl and Gryffindor supporter can take.

Her solution: she needs a fake boyfriend. And fast.

Enter Becks, soccer phenom, all-around-hottie, and Sally’s best friend practically since birth. When Sally asks Becks to be her F.B.F. (fake boyfriend), Becks is only too happy to be used. He’d do anything for Sal–even if that means giving her PDA lessons in his bedroom, saying she’s “more than pretty,” and expertly kissing her at parties.

The problem: Sally’s been in love with Becks all her life–and he’s completely clueless.

This book features two best friends, one special edition Yoda snuggie, countless beneath-the-ear kisses and begs the question:

Who wants a real boyfriend when faking it is so much more fun?


Oh my, this book was so cute and adorkable! The story was totally predictable but despite that, I very much enjoyed it. It was totally an entertaining read! Seriously, I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. Sally and Becks are definitely an adorable couple that I really loved. This book is a typical contemporary read with best friends to lovers romance trope which is executed so well that you can’t help but love it. I had so much fun while reading this book and the weird nick names is another aspect that I loved in this book. I really think it’s a great debut from the author and I’ll definitely look forward to more books from her.

Seventeen Year Old Sally Spitz is currently in her senior year of high school but still single and when her mother finally gives up on finding her a boyfriend, she assigns the job to Sally’s best friend Lillian Hooker who has talented skills in match making. After lots of failed blind dates and hook ups, Sally finally gets fed up with her games and decides to put a stop to it by finding herself a fake boyfriend. And here comes, Baldwin Eugene Charles Kent aka Becks. He is popular star soccer player of their high school and also Sally’s childhood best friend who knows everything about her including her love for all the geeky stuff. When Sally comes up with the deal about him being her fake boyfriend, Becks agrees without any hesitation because he’ll do anything for her. But it isn’t very easy to convince Hooker so they need to be more believable and hence begins their make out training sessions in Becks bedroom. Sally thought she could handle the fake boyfriend thing but it was getting harder for her to fake when she wants to be more than friends with him.

Sally is an adorable character and I totally loved her dorky personality. She’s fun, sweet and very much nerdy. She’s huge fan of harry potter, star trek and star wars so you’ll find lots of geeky references in this book. It’s so cute to see how she switches from English to German whenever she gets angry. Becks is totally swoon worthy character. He is smart, handsome and very much fun. I quite enjoyed the relationship between Sally and Becks. I’m not great fan of best friends to lovers trope but surprisingly I found myself loving these two. Together they are so much adorkable. I loved the chemistry between them and also the romance which was so sweet, cute and fluffy. This book also has some fun supporting characters especially hooker, Ash and Clayton. Hooker is sassy, witty, stubborn and confident. I enjoyed her friendship with Sally but sometimes she might be a pain in the ass. Ash is beck’s soccer team mate, he seemed like an arrogant jerk at the beginning but as the story progresses, we see the real side of him and I grew to like him as well. I loved Clayton! He is Becks older brother and one of my favorite characters in this book. Honestly, I loved Clayton more than Becks. He is definitely my kinda guy and I really wish there was a book about Clayton because I would love to know more about him.

  Despite lots of cliches, I loved the plot. It was well executed and pretty much entertaining. From the first  page, I was engaged to the plot because it never failed to put a smile on my face and made me giddy through out. The pacing was great and I didn’t get bored anywhere. I also liked the fun and witty writing style of the author. Though I enjoyed reading the story from Sally’s POV, I think it would be great if there was Becks POV too.

Overall, I loved it! This book was a fun YA contemporary read filled with lots of cuteness and dorkiness.

Recommend it?

I highly recommend this book to everyone who are looking for a fun YA contemporary read with clean romance and also to the readers who loves best friends to lovers trope.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars1 4-stars14-stars1[4/5 Stars]

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14 thoughts on “Adorkable By Cookie O’Gorman [Review]

  1. sophiethestark February 9, 2017 / 12:14 am

    This sounds exactly like the title suggests: adorkable! I could definitely see myself rolling my eyes and smiling at the same time as a shake my head and sigh at the pages… Too descriptive, but you’ll know what I mean! Besides, the author’s name is Cookie. How cute is that?
    Great review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ravenblake99 February 10, 2017 / 2:59 am

      Thank you! Yeah, it was really a surprising read and very adorkable. I loved the weird cute names in it including the author’s LOL! Have you read this yet?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books February 9, 2017 / 1:32 am

    This was such an adorkable read! I loved it so much, especially the chemistry between the characters. Glad you enjoyed it too! Great review.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jen February 11, 2017 / 8:58 pm

    YES! I loved the nicknames and thought the romance was beyond adorable too! I’m so happy you enjoyed this book so much! And did you know she’s currently writing Ash’s book? It’s supposed to come out sometime this year, yay!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ravenblake99 February 12, 2017 / 12:01 am

      OMG! Really!!! I really liked Ash and I’m glad to know that he’s having his own story. Can’t wait to read it! Thanks for the info! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jen February 12, 2017 / 12:14 am

        You’re welcome! I adored Ash too and I hope it’s as fabulous as Sally & Beck’s story!

        Liked by 1 person

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