The Cold King/The Fire King By Amber Jaeger [Dual Review]

  The Cold King & The Fire King By Amber Jaeger
GENRE:    Young-Adult, Fantasy, Retelling, Romance.

RELEASE DATE: February 13, 2013 PAGES: 188


… Not every Beast is a prince charming at heart and not every Beauty is a maiden just waiting for love…

Calia Thorn has lived her entire life in a small town sheltered by the Cold King’s mountain. Working day and night to care for her younger siblings, complete her unending chores and please her selfish, lazy mother has left her with few dreams for her own future.
But then even those meager hopes are taken from her when the Cold King comes down from his mountain to demand a new servant. Ungraceful, unladylike, undesired and unwanted by even her own family, Calia is chosen to be sent to the palace.

The Cold King has lived for three hundred years under a curse imposed by his own father. With no hope of ever breaking it, he settles for keeping his heart frozen against any pain— or hope.

When his new servant arrives, she challenges him in ways no one ever has and sparks fly. But not every Beast is a prince charming at heart and not every beauty is a maiden just waiting for love.

Sometimes happily ever after isn’t so easy…

The Cold King is a dark retelling of Beauty and the Beast.





RELEASE DATE: August 28, 2013 PAGES: 239


 Katiyana Nix was a princess but only wanted what every other little girl had—a mother to love and teach her and a father to care for her. Instead, she grew up lonely in the shadow of her mother’s death while her father was absent in his grief.

When she finally thought she’d found hope for herself and her father, it was in the form of her beautiful new stepmother. But Sula committed the most evil of betrayals, leaving Katiyana more lost than she had ever been. Alone and scared, she fled to the forest to live amongst the trees with other lost souls searching for their own safety.
When she crosses paths with the fiery King Lian, a man whose thirst for revenge against the evil queen has no end, her time of quiet peace is ended. His anger untamed, he aims to use the lost princess as a weapon to achieve his dark goals.
Katiyana must battle her own demons, as well as his, while she tries to save him from himself and her kingdom from the clutches of her stepmother.
Can she succeed in ridding the world of the evil queen or will Lian’s temper cause them all to burn?




Hey there everyone! Today, I bring you two quick fantasy reads titled “The Cold King” and “The Fire King” By Amber Jaeger. These two books are interlinked, set in a same world but different kingdoms and they can also be read as a stand alone but I suggest you to read cold King first. Anyway, the cold King is actually the retelling of the beauty and the beast, and The Fire King is the retelling of the Snow White. If you don’t know I’m a total sucker for  Beauty and the Beast retellings and when I read the premise of the Cold king, I was quite excited to read it.  Though it wasn’t a total perfection, I had a great time reading it and I loved it. As for the Fire King, I liked it too but not as much as cold king but it’s definitely a good read with an interesting plot.


The Cold King: Celia Thorn  is a tough girl with a low self esteem, pretty much understandable considering the fact that she was grown up in an environment where she was disliked by everyone. She lead a pretty hard life caring for her mother and her sisters who doesn’t return her affection and love. I felt quite sympathetic towards her situation and totally hated her mother. The cold king as the name implies is cold, aloof and hard edged on the outside but he definitely respects his servants. I loved the slow burn romance between Celia and Valanka aka The Cold King. Their relationship grew slowly with each time they spent together. When the cold king meets his new servant Celia for the first time, he gets surprised by her fragile appearance. Though he was quite hard on her sometimes, he always respected her and with time, she begins to soften his hard edges but he still doesn’t trusted her enough with his dark ugly secret.

The Fire King:  Katiyana Nix is quiet opposite to Celia Thorn and I really liked her character. She is a strong character with a wild personality. Though she’s a princess, she doesn’t act like one. She hates wearing dresses and lacks royal manners and etiquette. King Lian aka The fire King is a charming character who has quite a temper on him. He thirsts for revenge against the evil queen who destroyed his family. When King Lian encounters Kat in an unexpected way, he gets surprised by her wild appearance and  suspects her to be a spy from his enemy kingdom but he doesn’t know that she’s actually the missing princess Katiyana. When Leon learns about the real identity of Kat, he proposes a deal to her in order to save both of their kingdoms. But Kat doesn’t want to be a pawn in King Lian’s revenge plot, she just wants to save her people from the evil queen’s clutches. The relationship between Kat and Leon began with friendship and later slowly turns into love which Is something I always like in every romantic read. The romance was okay but It could’ve been much better with more intimate scenes between them.

Plot/Writing/World building

The Cold King:   I loved the plot, It was unique and interesting. Despite some flaws, the story was engaging from the start and the pacing was also good. I liked the plot twist at the end which seemed different from the other retellings I’ve read before. The story was told in alternative POV and the writing style is simple and easy to understand. There’s not much world building but I’m also good with what the author has created.

The Fire King: Honestly, I don’t read much snow white retellings but after liking the cold king, I wanted to give this a try as well. Well, The plot was unique but there are a few parts in it that felt dragged.  Nonetheless, It was a good read with decent plot and characters. The story moved in a slow pace which is the main thing that I disliked about this book. This book was also told in alternative POV and apart from the few editing issues, the writing is good. The Cold King and The Fire King are set in a same world but different kingdoms so it’s a delight to explore more of this fantasy world.


I liked both books! They are good fairytale retellings! Although they have its own pro’s and con’s, they are enjoyable fantasy reads and I would definitely recommend it to every one who are looking for quick fantasy reads filled with adventure, intrigue and light romance.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars1 4-stars14-stars1[3.5/5 Stars] 

So what do you think about these books? Please Feel Free To Comment Below. ❤

See You In The Next Post and Have a Great Day! 🙂









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    I’m working on a post that celebrates bloggers in this community that have been a support and inspiration to me. I hope for you to participate by letting me know two things. One, is What are you passionate about? Two, is what is your favorite quote? Thank you so much for your comments and wonderful posts!


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      I don’t know why but I found your comment in the spam folder instead of notification menu! But anyway, I’m passionate about books and music. I have lots of favorite quotes but If I had to pick one then I’d pick the following. “The human touch is that little snippet of physical affection that brings a bit of comfort, support, and kindness. It doesn’t take much from the one who gives it, but can make a huge difference in the one who receives it.” It’s a quote from V girl by Mya Roberts. Hope you have a great day! 😀

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        That quote is beautiful! Thank you! I’m so happy to have you participate in this!

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