Stepbrother: The Game He Plays By Lucy Ivey [Review]

RELEASE DATE:  November 1, 2016
AUTHOR: Lucy Ivey
GENRE:   New- Adult, Thriller, Mystery, Romance.
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury Spark

F*ed up?
Two of kind?

After arriving at her estranged mother’s new home, Karley’s not only taken back by the luxurious lifestyle her mother now lives in but also by her stepfather’s two sons, Justin and Joe. The Osborne boys have a reputation around town for being wealthy, beautiful, and getting any girl they choose.

It’s a surprise to all, including Karley, when Justin turns his charm on her. He says he feels drawn to her and showers her with attention and adoration. They begin dating long distance, and every trip home draws her deeper into their torrid relationship. But not everyone is happy about this decision—especially Justin’s older brother, Joe.

Joe not only voices his disapproval, but also silently challenges Justin for Karley’s affection. Karley is soon drawn to both brothers, enjoying their attention —one openly and the other behind closed doors.

As one brother consumes her heart, the other consumes her thoughts. Unfortunately for Karley, both brothers harbor a deadly secret, one that links them to the recent killings of several girls. Karley is left with a decision to make: which brother to trust and which one to fear as the Osborne brothers’ true personalities are brought to light, all racing to a shattering conclusion.


I wanted to read this book because it’s a new adult thriller and also it has two hot male leads and of course one of them seems to be a killer. And after reading this, I felt it was an okay read but not a great thriller cause it was too easy to guess who’s the real killer is and I think it was the major drawback of this book. I’ve also got some issues with the main female protagonist. Although I was disappointed with this book, I don’t regret reading it and I really liked the character Joe in this book. 

When karley went to live with her estranged mother and her new rich husband for the thanks giving vacation, she meets her new step brothers Justin and Joe. Where as Justin takes an instant liking to karley, Joe makes her feel unwelcome with his rude behaviour. As the relationship between Justin and Karley grows more closer, Joe voices his disapproval of their relationship but Karley ignores his warnings. When Joe silently challenges Justin and starts vying for Karley’s affection, She gets torn between the two brothers. While she craves for Justin’s touch, she can’t get Joe out of her mind. When she finds that the recent killings of the young women in the town are somehow linked to the Osborne brothers, karley doesn’t know who to trust. Who is the killer? Can she figure out before its too late?

I didn’t liked karley, she was too naive and a bit stupid. She likes two guys at a same time and cheats on her boyfriend which is a bit turn off for me. I didn’t cared what happened to her at the end and I really felt she deserved it.  Joe and Justin are quite opposite in personalities like light and dark but they both harbor a deadly secret. As for the romance, I like angsty romance more than sweet and fluffy romance so I mostly enjoyed Joe and karley’s relationship because I really hated the insta love between Justin and karley. The secondary characters are so-so and nothing interesting. The story mostly revolved around karley and her two step brothers so I didn’t paid much attention to the secondary characters.

The plot isn’t entirely predictable but it was quite easy to figure out who’s the real killer. The book opened with a prologue that gave away a huge hint on the killers identity and if you’re a regular reader of thrillers it would be a piece of cake. There is also some triangle drama in this book that may or may not be likable by everyone. The pacing was okay but the ending seemed rushed. I liked the writing style of the author and the story was told in karley’s POV which I think is perfect for this book.

Overall, it was an okay read but not that great. It failed to excite me and the whole complicated drama involved with the main leads is the only thing interested me enough to continue. 

Recommend it?

I really don’t know for sure, but if you wanna try this book then go ahead!

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars1 4-stars1[3/5 Stars] 

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