Saven Defiance(Saven #3) By Siobhan Davis [ARC Review]

RELEASE DATE:  Aug 22, 2016
AUTHOR: Siobhan Davis
GENRE: Young-Adult, Sci-Fi, Romance.
PUBLISHER: Siobhan Davis

I’ve promised to protect those I love.
But someone is lying to me.
Will I discover the truth in time to save him?

With war looming in outer space and the Earthen government forced into hiding, the battle for ultimate world domination is only just beginning.

Having accepted her identity, Sadie sets out on a daring quest with her friends, which takes them deep into alien territory. Fraught with tension and danger, the journey is not an easy one, especially when previous adversaries become new allies and cherished friends become suspicious opponents.

As the heirs unite in a bid to restore peace to the galaxy, powerful enemies, determined to exact retribution,surround them on all sides. When hidden agendas and shocking revelations come to light, the fallout is massive.

Sadie’s love life is a tangled, messy affair. While one relationship is embraced forever, another spirals out of control, threatening to destroy everything. Determined to do the right thing, Sadie will fight hard to protect those she loves.

But there are some battles she cannot win.


Received arc from the author in exchange for an honest review

Oh boy this book got so  much emotional drama than its previous installments. It was hard for me to rate this book cause it was between 3.5 and 4 stars but I must say I did enjoyed the story a lot. Saven is one of the sci-fi romance series that I’m enjoying so far and the story has become more intense with more twists and a triangle that is equally entertaining and heart wrenching. I think this book mostly focused on the awkward triangle between Logan, Sadie and Axton. Besides the romance, the plot twists is another aspect of this series that keeps the readers engaged to the story and come back for more.

After abducted by the Tor, Sadie finally learns about her past identity and how she’s a pawn in Griselda’s evil plan of revenge. There she meets Axton who is actually her husband to her past self that she doesn’t want to remember. With the help of Axton and Izzy, Sadie escapes from Tor to return to earth. With the way things ended before her abduction, Sadie isn’t surprised to find her Saven friends doesn’t trust her anymore especially with her arriving with two tor companions. When Sadie fails to communicate with Logan,  she learns that he is held captive by his evil brother Dante. Logan is the only future for her and she can’t loose him now after everything she’s been through so saving him is her only priority before it’s too late.

I love the character development of Sadie in this book. Sadie is becoming more strong with each new release of installment and I quiet admire her ability to handle difficult situations. She is torn between a ex husband of her past that she doesn’t remember and a future husband that she want to spend her life with. She cares for both guys and I’m glad that she doesn’t lead on the other guy cause it would’ve been a quite a mess to deal with and I would’ve definitely hated her. Axton is a bit hateful sometimes but he is really a nice guy and hard to hate. I felt sympathetic towards him and was very sad for his situation cause he really loves Sadie and it was quite heart wrenching but I can’t ship their relationship. Logan is determined, strong and captivating like always. Logan and Sadie always have a great chemistry between them. The romance in this book is quite hot, there’s lots of kisses and much much more that you don’t want to miss.

The plot is amazing with lots of twists and turns. The story started a bit slow but the pace improved as we go further. The world building is fantastic, as always. Every book in Saven series introduces a new race and a new alien planet that I always look forward to. The writing is very descriptive and vivid that you can easily picture the fascinating world the author has created.

Overall, it was quite adventurous and romantic read. This book is full of surprising twists. Lots of secrets, mysteries and identities are revealed that literally blew my mind. I really can’t wait to know what’s the author has in store for us next.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars1 4-stars14-stars1[3.5/5 Stars]

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