Earth’s End (Air Awakens #3) By Elise Kova [Review]

RELEASE DATE:  February 11, 2016
AUTHOR: Elise Kova
GENRE:Young-Adult, Fantasy,  Romance.
 Silver Wing Press
SUMMARY: A woman awoken in air, a soldier forged by fire, a weapon risen from blood.

Vhalla Yarl has made it to the warfront in the North. Forged by blood and fire, she has steeled her heart for the final battle of the Solaris Empire’s conquest. The choices before Vhalla are no longer servitude or freedom, they are servitude or death. The stakes have never been higher as the Emperor maintains his iron grip on her fate, holding everything Vhalla still has left to lose in the balance.



MY REV (Copy)

After the nightmarish cliffhanger in Fire Falling, I was highly anticipating for this book’s release and I had put high expectations on it. Compared with the previous two books Earth’s end turned out to be a bit disappointment for me but still I enjoyed reading it. It seems most of the book is focused on the romantic relationship between Aldrik and Vhalla and there isn’t much action as I expected. The plot wasn’t mind blowing and the romance between the Aldrik and Vhalla felt way too sweet for my taste and having way too much romance in it has somewhat annoyed me a bit.

The book started where it was left off in fire falling and vhalla sets off to a dangerous journey just to save Aldrik once again from a certain death. The war with Northerner’s still continues, having lost her last chance of freedom, Vhalla has no choice but to fight for her life. Though Vhalla maybe a biggest asset for the solaris to win the war, the cruel emperor still sees her  nothing but a servant and always takes pleasure in reminding her place. Before the final battle with the northerner’s, Vhalla finds some new things about her enemy that puts her in emotional turmoil and she also learns about a mysterious weapon that would make the wielder invincible. With the stakes so high, Vhalla has to steel her heart and emotions to win the war.

Vhalla has become more stronger than before and she has finally learnt to control her powers. She has become more mature and less stubborn but still I really miss her stubbornness. Her love for Aldrik has grown more deeper and most of the book is filled with her concern and feelings for Aldrik which sounds very romantic but I want her to focus on other things too. In Earth’s End, we’re get to know more about Aldrik and some facts related to his dark past. I liked the Aldrik in the first two books but in this book, I felt that he isn’t the Aldrik I’ve known so far.  His love for Vhalla is quite admirable but seeing him uttering sweet words like “My Lady ” “My Love” has made me cringed because I think It didn’t matched his dark personality.  As for the romance, this book is full of it but without any tension between the two characters it became less interesting. Daniel is a sweet guy who has feelings for Vhalla. I really don’t hate the guy but he seemed like a pest in Vhalla and Aldrik’s relationship and I can’t help but feel sympathy for him. Coming to Baldair, my favorite character in the series so far. I always enjoy his playful personality and I loved his friendly relationship with Vhalla. I’m glad to know more about him and I really like that he made an effort to fix his relationship with his brother. The solaris emperor is my least favorite character in the plot who is quite ruthless and I’ve come to hate him more. There are also some interesting supporting characters that I’ve come to like especially Fritz, Elicia and also the golden guards of Baldair.

The plot was interesting but it failed to excite me much because of its lacking in action and also due to the romance being the major factor in it. The story moved in a decent pace but the plot development seemed a bit slow and I really wanted to know more about the story because there’s still so many things left as a mystery. The book was written in Vhalla’s POV and I felt that it could’ve been much better if it was written in multiple pov because it would’ve brought more clarity to the story and also excitement. The ending was a bit shocking and unpredictable. Elise really knows how to write a great ending that’ll surprise the readers and make them come back for more. The cliffhanger wasn’t as horrifying as the one in the prequel but it still makes you anticipating for the next book.

Overall, I liked it but I’m not fully satisfied with it. With how things turned out in the end, I think the next book going to be an interesting read and I really hope it doesn’t disappoint me again.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars14-stars1 4-stars1[3.5/5 Stars]

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3 thoughts on “Earth’s End (Air Awakens #3) By Elise Kova [Review]

  1. Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books March 24, 2016 / 10:15 pm

    I’m glad you liked this book despite its flaws. I’ve heard the same complaint from some other bloggers as well and I totally get the point. Hope you enjoy the next book much more. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to read the 2nd and the 3rd book together as advised by you after my exams end! Loved your review. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • ravenblake99 March 26, 2016 / 12:02 am

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy it when you get to it. Will look forward to your thoughts on it. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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