Roomhate By Penelope Ward [Review]

 February 03, 2016

AUTHOR: Penelope Ward
GENRE: NewAdult, Contemporary, Romance.
PUBLISHER: Createspace Independent


Sharing a summer house with a hot-as-hell roommate should be a dream come true, right?

Not when it’s Justin…the only person I’d ever loved…who now hates me.

When my grandmother died and left me half of the house on Aquidneck Island, there was a catch: the other half would go to the boy she helped raise.

The same boy who turned into the teenager whose heart I broke years ago.

The same teenager who’s now a man with a hard body and a hardass personality to match.

I hadn’t seen him in years, and now we’re living together because neither one of us is willing to give up the house.

The worst part? He didn’t come alone.

I’d soon realize there’s a thin line between love and hate. I could see through that smug smile. Beneath it all…the boy is still there. So is our connection.

The problem is…now that I can’t have Justin, I’ve never wanted him more.


MY REV (Copy)

I’ve got mixed feelings for this book. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. This book was an ok read but mostly it was just meh. Basically, I love reading books having hate to love relationship but this was so much annoying and frustrating to read. I couldn’t able to connect emotionally with the characters and I just flipped through the pages just to know how it’s gonna end. It was my first book from the author and it’s pretty sad that it didn’t worked out for me but I might read her other works.

Amelia used to be best friends with Justin when she was young but due to some complication she left town breaking Justin’s heart when she was 15 years old. After her grandma’s death, both Amelia and Justin has inherited a house at Aquidneck Island where both of them grew up. Amelia regrets making that decision and now after nine years, she’s finally going to meet Justin who now totally resents her. when Amelia finally meets justin, she can’t believe that the boy she knew has grown in to a  guy who looks totally hot and gorgeous with a hard body and a hard personality to match. He didn’t come alone and it seems like he was pretty much moved on but he still can’t forgive her for breaking his heart. Now Amelia wants Justin more than anything and she could feel the connection between them.

Amelia was pretty much ok character but nothing interesting.  Justin was a smug and arrogant guy who was total asshole towards Amelia at the start. He never gave her a chance to explain which really ticked me off. I don’t know why but I really liked Justin’s girlfriend Jade, she was really sweet and caring which is something I didn’t expected and I somewhat felt bad for her. The relationship between Justin and Amelia was pretty much complicated. Justin really hates her for leaving him but beneath all the hatred, burns the desire for  her something like I hate you but I want you kinda thing. What really annoyed me was the romance between them which felt like two horny teenagers who can’t control themselves. It was really frustrating for me to see them both fight their desire even after knowing they still have feelings for each other. The chemistry between them is way too hot and beware this book has strong sexual content and dirty talk.

The plot was good but not that great. In a hate to love trope we can easily predict how it’s finally gonna turn out. My only issue is most of the plot was dragged with Amelia and Justin hating each other when they can clearly see how they burn for each other but they can’t be together. Seriously, It really got on my nerves and I was waiting to see when do they finally make up their minds and stop being stupid. It eventually made me lose interest and I didn’t cared what happens to them. While all of this was going on, there comes a twist that I didn’t see coming which definitely made the story much better and made me add one more star to the book otherwise I would’ve given it a 2 star rating. As for the writing, it was perfect and I couldn’t find any flaws in it. Despite the draggy plot, I liked how it was finally concluded with a sweet ending.

Overall, it was good to read but I can’t say that I love it. This book mostly deals with finding second chance in love. I don’t know whether I should recommend it or not but if you like to read this then do give it a try. 😀

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars1 4-stars1[3/5 Stars]

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4 thoughts on “Roomhate By Penelope Ward [Review]

  1. anovelglimpse March 2, 2016 / 2:57 am

    Dang! I was hoping this one would be better! I wanted to read it. I may still try it.

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