Indestructible (Indestructible #1) By Emma L. Adams [Review]

RELEASE DATE:  January 12 , 2015 
Emma L. Adams
Young-Adult, Dystopia, Fiction.  
SUMMARY: Two years ago, the fiends invaded, with a devastating explosion that split the world in two. Even now, energy blasts strike without warning, destroying everything in their paths. The fiends hunt anyone unlucky enough to escape.

My name is Leah. An energy blast killed my group. It should have killed me, too. Instead, I woke up alone in the wilderness, stalked by the fiends.

My only hope is the red-cloaked strangers who call themselves the Pyros. They can do the impossible and make flames shoot from their hands, and are more than a match for the fiends. Right now, my one chance for safety — and revenge — is with them.

But they’re keeping secrets from me. Like those skeletons hidden under their base. And the reasons I developed a psychic link with someone who can’t stand the sight of me — after he saved my life.

If I don’t uncover the truth about why the world ended the first time, my new safe haven might go up in smoke…

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Well, I did like this book but It wasn’t amazing enough to love it. I just wanted to give this a try after I was intrigued by the blurb because I’m a total sucker for dystopian books. Indestructible really has a lot of potential but I felt something lacking in it. Even with the interesting plot and thrilling action, it failed to excite me. The characters weren’t bad but they could’ve been much better.  Nonetheless, it was good and I think the problem lies in the execution of the story and also the characters.

The story takes place after two years when earth is invaded by alien creatures called Fiends and most of the human population are killed by the energy blast. The book begins with Leah and her group attacked by an energy blast leaving her the only survivor from it. Leah feels guilty when she wakes up to find she was the only one left alive when all of her friends are dead. On her journey to find human shelter, she was attacked by fiends but surprisingly she is saved by two red cloaked strangers who calls themselves Pyros. Humans avoid Pyros because of their strange powers that can easily kill a fiend. During the attack, she gets hurt by a fiend but she was healed by a pyro who can’t really stand the sight of her. At the Pyros base, she meets the leader of that base named Murray and also learns some shocking facts about herself.

The book focused more on the story but less on the characters and their relationships.  There’s not much depth in the characters that’s why I wasn’t able to connect with any of the characters in the plot. Leah is a character who is brave and stubborn. I really liked her but I couldn’t able to connect with her. Cas is a character who is a total jerk and always acts rude towards Leah without any reason. I expected Cas to be someone like Four from divergent but he was nowhere near him. Nolan and Elle are pretty much ok for supporting characters. There is a hint of romance between Cas and Leah but you won’t find much in it which is really disappointing.

The plot is good but it lacks originality and suspense. Even with some twists in it, most of the parts are quite predictable, and I’ve also felt some parts  a bit confusing and rushed. The story moved in a fast pace which left so many things unanswered and there isn’t much world building too. As for the writing, it was quite good. It was my first book from the author and her writing style is pretty easy to understand. The whole book was written in Leah’s POV but it could’ve much better if there was Cas’s POV too.

Overall, I liked it! The book ended with a cliffhanger but I don’t think I would continue with the series. It was really quite an interesting book but I don’t know whether I should recommend it or not. If you like to read this book, then do give it a try.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars1 4-stars1[3/5 Stars]

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