Reaping Angels By Laura Thalasa [Review]

27207579RELEASE DATE: October 13, 2015
AUTHOR: Laura Thalasa
GENRE: NewAdult, Paranormal, Romance.
PUBLISHER: Burning Ember Press
SUMMARY: There are few things superhero Angel wants in life. World peace. Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes. Spandex outfits with pockets. What she doesn’t want is the attention of the Executioner, a supervillain who kills with his touch.

But the moment she survives a caress—and a kiss—at the mercy of his lethal skin, Angel realizes her problems just got a whole lot bigger. Because the only thing worse than a supervillain who wants to kill you is one who wants to keep you.

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Reaping angels is a unique romantic tale with a superhero twist. What’s really tempted me to read this was its intriguing synopsis and the gorgeous cover. This book contains lots of humor and sizzling romance.
Though it wasn’t mind blowingly amazing, it was really good and I immensely enjoyed reading it.

Superhero Angel works for  a  LA supernatural police department known as L.A.S.D which is sister organization to L.A.P.D. They fight against the crime from the supernatural creatures who breaks the rules and also the ones who causes harm to the humans. When Angel gets a call from a L.A.P.D, she rushes to the scene without knowing that it was a trap set for her by the executioner. The executioner is every superheros nightmare who’s touch is very lethal and deadly. Angel didn’t thought it was going to be her last day of living but shockingly the executioner’s deadly touch doesn’t work on her. For angel, It is somewhat relieving but it doesn’t release her from his clutches who is now more obsessed and determined to have her forever.

Angel is a sassy character who I really liked very much. She has a sweet personality and also a bit naive because she trusts people pretty much easily. The Executioner also known as  X is a dark brooding character who looks physically attractive, captivating and tempting. Though he is a supervillain, he is entirely not bad and he doesn’t enjoy being a supervillain doing bad things. I really liked both Angel and X’s relationship. It is a slow burning romance and there’s lot of sexual tension between them. Some readers might get uncomfortable with angel loving her captor but I really enjoyed the romance and it’s definitely not a Stockholm syndrome romance. Besides the romance, I also enjoyed the funny banters between them.

For a Novella, it has a well written plot which is very neat and simple. The plot development and the pacing are quite good. I really liked the fun and witty writing style of the author. Even if I liked it, I can’t say it was entirely perfect because I felt some parts were a bit rushed nonetheless it was entertaining read.

Overall, it was a nice paranormal romance novella which is very refreshing to read. This book is a perfect mix of action and romance containing superheroes, supervillains and also an evil countess who wants to dominate both humans and supernaturals. It was really a great quick read and I highly recommend it.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars14-stars14-stars1 [4/5 Stars]

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