Hotel Ruby By Suzanne Young [Review]

 November 3, 2015
AUTHOR: Suzanne Young
GENRE: Young-Adult,Thriller,  Mystery, Paranormal, Romance.
PUBLISHER: Simon Pulse
SUMMARY: Stay Tonight. Stay Forever.

When Audrey Casella arrives for an unplanned stay at the grand Hotel Ruby, she’s grateful for the detour. Just months after their mother’s death, Audrey and her brother, Daniel, are on their way to live with their grandmother, dumped on the doorstep of a DNA-matched stranger because their father is drowning in his grief.

Audrey and her family only plan to stay the night, but life in the Ruby can be intoxicating, extending their stay as it provides endless distractions—including handsome guest Elias Lange, who sends Audrey’s pulse racing. However, the hotel proves to be as strange as it is beautiful. Nightly fancy affairs in the ballroom are invitation only, and Audrey seems to be the one guest who doesn’t have an invite. Instead, she joins the hotel staff on the rooftop, catching whispers about the hotel’s dark past.

The more Audrey learns about the new people she’s met, the more her curiosity grows. She’s torn in different directions—the pull of her past with its overwhelming loss, the promise of a future that holds little joy, and an in-between life in a place that is so much more than it seems…

Welcome to the Ruby.

book and ink


I haven’t read any of the books by Suzanne Young so it’s the first book I’ve read from the author. After reading the intriguing synopsis, I expected it to be very thrilling and exciting but it turns out to be more mysterious than thrilling. Hotel Ruby is definitely a creepy and mysterious read but it failed to amaze me. Though It didn’t reached my expectations, I did enjoyed the mystery behind the Hotel Ruby and how everything finally unfolded.

It’s been three months since Audrey Casella’s mother has died. In his grieving, her father decided to take both her and her brother Daniel to her grandmother’s house and leave them in her care. She felt betrayed by her father’s abandonment. During their journey, they stay at a strange hotel named Hotel Ruby. Audrey finds it weird that their phones doesn’t work and there is no computer or any device to communicate to the outside world. At night, she hears a strange music that leads her to a private party where she meets a handsome stranger named Elias Lange. When Audrey doesn’t get a invitation to a fancy ball where her brother and father are already invited, she decides to hang out with the hotel staff and there she hears the dark past of Hotel Ruby. When she finally learns what Hotel Ruby really is, she decides to warn her family and leave from that place but she comes to know another shocking revelation that completely shatters her.

Audrey is pretty much likable character but she isn’t great either. She is curious, stubborn, strong, sweet and cares very much for her family which is the best thing I liked about her. Elias is the mysterious hot guy who withholds many secrets. He is kinda Ok character but not that impressive cause he did started good but as the story progressed I lost interest in him. The supporting characters are not bad but they are pretty much forgettable. Even though I hated the insta-attraction between Audrey and Eli, I did enjoyed their romantic relationship.

I really liked the plot especially the end part. It did started slow but ended really well with all the revelation. There are so many twists and turns at the end that it was hard for me put it down for a second. It’s an interesting story that kept me guessing till the end of the book. The writing style is  great and quite easy to understand. All the descriptions of the hotel are very detailed and vivid. Honestly, I really enjoyed all the mystery and it is  the best thing about this book.

Overall, I liked it but it ain’t going to be one of my favorites. The book ended with an unexpected happy ending and I’m glad it didn’t ended differently otherwise it would’ve become a sad ending. I don’t know If I could recommend it but if you do enjoy reading mysteries then do give it a try.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars14-stars1 4-stars1[3.5/5 Stars]

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