Distraction (Westbrook Series Book 1) By Laura Clark [Review]

RELEASE DATE: August 22nd, 2015
Laura Clark
Young-Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Seventeen-near-old, Laila Patterson, would never describe her heart as fickle. She understands the difference between reality and fantasy, which is why Sam Woodson is not realistic boyfriend material. After all, he is in college, and college boys simply do not date high school girls. Plus, he is Laila’s older brother’s best friend. According to the unspoken bro-code, messing around with your friend’s little sister is pretty high on the list of forbidden taboos.

What happens when Laila discovers that her secret crush on Sam isn’t quite so one-sided? What if the only way to keep him is to keep their relationship hush-hush? Is Sam worth all of the lying and sneaking around?

As if things weren’t confusing enough with Sam, an old family friend suddenly shows up after being gone for more than three years. She isn’t expecting Trevor Maddox to move back to Westbrook. She isn’t expecting him to attend her high school, and she certainly isn’t expecting him to be sodamned gorgeous.

Laila doesn’t want or need this unexpected distraction. . . or does she?

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*Received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Distraction is totally an entertaining book to read but sadly I didn’t liked the female protagonist in it which is the major downfall for me. This book is full of teenage angst drama with a love triangle. It’s intriguing synopsis was the first thing that made me give this a try. Despite the annoying female protagonist, the story was quite interesting to read and I think many people would like it more than me.

Laila Patterson is a seventeen year old high school girl who has a secret crush on her brother’s best friend named sam and she thinks college guys like him wouldn’t  be interested in high school girls like her. She thinks her attraction towards sam is one-sided but his actions towards her shows something else. When Sam reveals his feelings she gets really excited but things get pretty much complicated with sudden appearance of Trevor Maddox,  an old family friend and also the guy she attended her junior high with. she gets attracted towards Trevor who turned into a hot guy and surprising he also has an interest in her and like that she gets torn between them because she likes both guys  but she’s finally with her dream boyfriend Sam and  she can’t betray him.

Laila is the female protagonist that I really hate the most who couldn’t make up their minds. It was a bit annoying to watch her swooning all over the hot guys. I was going to DNF this book when she liked three guys at once but later on the story became quite interesting to continue. I like reading triangle love stories but I didn’t enjoyed this triangle much but it wasn’t bad either. Though I didn’t liked the main character, I did liked its supporting characters. Besides Trevor and Sam, Avery who is also the best friend of Laila is the character that I liked the most . As for the romance, there is lots of chemistry between Sam and Laila which is very steamy and hot. I really liked their relationship and I’ll definitely ship them but the only thing that irritated me was Laila’s feelings towards Trevor. It was quite confusing for me to understand who she likes the most because she likes both guys but whenever she was around with sam, she thinks of Trevor. Trevor is a adorable guy and I didn’t liked the way Laila used him as the distraction. After halfway through the book I was like, “C’mon girl make up your damn mind” cause its really getting on my nerves.

The story line is somewhat predictable but not entirely cause the ending was quite unpredictable. The pacing of the plot seemed a bit slow at start but it got better with the story going further. I really liked the author’s witty writing style and I enjoyed reading it. Apart from the MC and her indecisiveness, I liked everything in it.

Overall, I did liked it but I’m not fully satisfied with it. The book ended with a huge cliffhanger that I didn’t see it coming. Just out of curiosity to find out what’s written in that letter, I might read its sequel in the future but I’m not sure I would. This book is truly a roller coaster ride of teenage drama and romance and if you enjoy reading books with this combo then you’ll definitely like it.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars14-stars14-stars1 [3.5/5 Stars]

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