He Dedicated to Roses By Hwang Mi Ri [Manhwa]

Hello there! Welcome back to another weekly manga recommendation. Today I’m back with another manhwa[Korean Comics] recommendation written by Hwang Mi Ri.

AUTHOR: Hwang Mi Ri
11 Volumes
STATUS: Completed
GENRE: Shoujo, Comedy, Gender-Bender, Romance, School Life.
SYNOPSIS: “If you were a girl, we would never have met.”
“Well- to…to be honest with you- I AM a girl-”
Plain as a girl, but HOT as a guy.
Choi Ida wants no more then to relieve her stress and anger when she is off work as her alternate male identity Choi Yodah. Her job? A slave to the popular rich girl, Mimi, at both school and home.
One day in the park, free from Mimi, she meets Kang Naru, who kisses her as Ida, not as Yodah).
Then, one day, Kang Naru meets and falls in love with Ida’s alter ego, even though he thought ‘he’ was a boy!
But can Ida keep up both of her lives without getting caught?


He Dedicated to Roses is a cute manhwa written by Hwang Mi Ri. There isn’t much depth in the story but it was quite entertaining and I really enjoyed reading it. The story may seem like a Cinderella tale with lots of twists and turns. Choi Ida is quite strong headed girl and I really liked her character. She plays as a maid for a rich brat and to relieve her stress she disguises herself as a boy named Choi Yodah and beats up anyone who mess with her. As tough she may seem she’s entirely not all perfection she also has some weaknesses too. Her life becomes complicated when she meets a guy who is also a great fighter. Overall, I pretty much liked it! The art is awesome, as always. The clothes and their styles are drawn so well that reflect each of their personalities. If you are into cute romantic reads then I would highly recommend this manhwa.


MY RATING: 4 Hearts    [4/5 Hearts]

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