Queen of Blood by Jill Myles

RELEASE DATE: June 30, 2015
AUTHOR: Jill Myles
GENRE: Adult, Fantasy,Vampires,Romance.
For one hundred years, Seri’s people have lived under the thumb of the Blood, the cruel and mysterious rulers of Athon. Seri wants nothing more than to put food on the table and marry the hotheaded but handsome Rilen come spring. But when a noblewoman asks Seri to be her handmaiden, Rilen insists she move to the enemy’s castle . . . and spy on the newly arrived prince.

Prince Graeme has grown weary of his family’s curse. The Blood are powerful and immortal, but doomed to live in the shadows, flitting from lover to lover, always in search of the mythic Eterna—the one woman who will sate their hunger. Now his father has sent him to the outskirts of the empire to stamp out a rebellious Vidari faction. But when a wild and alluring Vidari girl shows up at court, he finds himself torn between following his father’s orders and following his heart . . .

A war is brewing between Athonite and Vidari, between Blood and man. As uprisings sweep through the land, Seri and Graeme find themselves at the center of a storm with only one choice: betray each other, or betray their people.

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It’s a beautiful romantic vampire love story that will definitely captivate the readers.I love reading Vampire fiction novels and the blurb looked intriguing so I definitely wanted to give it a try and I’m so glad that it far reached my expectations.It was my first book from Jill Myles and I totally loved it.I was kind of enraptured by the entire plot that I couldn’t even put it down even for a second and just completed in one sitting.It was well written and engaging from start till the end.

The Story is about a girl named Seri who belonged to Vidari faction and she looks after her sick father and blind sister. 100 years ago Vidari’s have been defeated by the rulers of Anthon and now the Vidari is ruled under Anthon in which the Vidari people are treated as slaves. Seri is so poor that she has hard time earning money for food, and she can’t even afford the medicine for her ill father. She was looking forward to be married to her sweetheart Rilen, so he might look after her and her family  too.Every one in Vidari is quite surprised with the new entrance of the prince of Athon “Graeme” who was going to stay in a run down Vidari palace. One day her path crossed with Lady Mila who is actually an Athonite noble woman and she makes a deal with her being her attendant in a ball organised by the prince so she could get the attention of the prince with a wild Vidari as her attendant.Seri is in desperate need of money so she could buy medicine for her father so she agrees to the deal.At the ball when the goddess of the Athonite chooses Seri as an Eterna[eternal mate] for the prince her fate completely changes.
The character seri is a well built tough character who got so much pride, spunk and quite temper in her.She was easy to get connected to and I really liked her.She is also caring person who looks after her blind sister and ill father, and she still loves Rilen even after he uses her for the sake of the uprising. Rilen started as a good character but as the plot goes further I began to hate him because he forces seri to be a spy so he could gather information inside the palace even after knowing that if caught, the only sentence would be death.Well, coming to Graeme also the prince of Athone, he is quite charming character who is arrogant and also physically strong.At start Seri and Graeme totally hated each other, but Graeme can’t change the fate written by the Athonite goddess who cursed his whole bloodline. Seri wanted to hate Graeme but she couldn’t control her attraction towards him.There is a triangle between Rilen, Seri and Graeme and I always rooted for Graeme even if he was rude to her at the start and I was quite annoyed with seri who was naive enough to love Rilen, a rebel who was blinded by the uprising and   forced her to do things which seemed too risky.

This book mostly focuses on the love story between  Seri and Graeme and if you are looking for an adventurous vampire tale then look somewhere else.The plot was truly compelling with amazing world building even though there isn’t much briefed because it was only a romantic tale but I hoped there is a sequel to it so I can explore this world more.The Romance in this book is scorching hot and it isn’t for the young adults so be warned and If you are comfortable with New Adult genre then I think you can definitely read this.

The Author’s writing style is creative and perfect for the plot.It’s a quick read and stand-alone novel so you definitely don’t have to worry about the sequel.The pacing of the plot is steady enough that’ll make us engaged to the whole story till the end.Finally, the book ended with HEA and I’m so glad that I’ve read this book.If you want to review this book you can  request it from Net Galley.I higly recommend this book to the readers who love Paranormal romance genre with vampire fiction.

MY RATING: 4-stars14-stars14-stars14-stars1[4/5 Stars]

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10 thoughts on “Queen of Blood by Jill Myles

  1. lovingyoochun July 14, 2015 / 3:38 am

    Rilen was nice at first and his change of character was kind of unnatural. I stopped rooting for Rilen the moment he sent Seri to marry Graeme. He sealed his fate and he deserved what he got. Graeme was a perfect gentleman and he never treated Seri badly.
    Your review was awesome and I wish I could have kept my notes but I was so into the book and I didn’t. Anyway hope we can buddy read again, it was great sharing thoughts for the same book!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ravenblake99 July 14, 2015 / 3:48 am

    Thank You! Yeah I hated Rilen the moment I saw the change in him but thank god I wasn’t rooting for him from the start which saved me from the whole disappointment.I like reading paranormal romance novels but next time if I come across anything intriguing then I’ll ask you for the buddy read.I’m really glad that we both have similar thoughts about this book.:)


  3. Josephine July 14, 2015 / 2:10 pm

    I loved your review! This book sounds incredibly intriguing, I think I’m going to put it on my TBR. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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