My Bittersweet Summer by Starla Huchton

RELEASE DATE: June 1st 2015
AUTHOR: Starla Huchton
GENRE:Young-Adult, Contemporary, Romance.
SUMMARY: Margaret Walsh worked for six years to overcome the trauma she endured at the hands of bullies as a kid, and graduation promises the chance to start over in college and leave the past behind her for good. 

What was supposed to be her last summer of fun before moving to Paris turns into a nightmare as her parents announce they're taking over management of a restaurant in the New England beach town where she spent her childhood. For them, it's an amazing possibility. For her, it means confronting memories— and people— she'd rather forget. 

Margie's all grown up now, but some things never change. When Zach Robinson insists he's not the bully she remembers, it's all she can do not to laugh. Still, if she's learned anything over years, it's that everyone deserves an opportunity to be better. 

Even lost causes need second chances, but with her heart on the line, asking her to bet on a long shot might take more faith than she's willing to give.

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My First Thought

Ooh la la! this one really worth all the time I’ve absolutely devoured it. This Book came as a total surprise for me I didn’t expected to enjoy it this much.Although I’ve my doubts with this one but still I was curious so I gave it a try, and after reading the first chapter I was totally hooked. It was really a nice plot with dynamic characters and I’ve liked it till the end with a complete smile on my face :).

The story is about  Margaret Walsh who has PTSD due to all the bullying in her childhood in which she was nearly killed. 6 years has passed since the incident and she was ready to start a new life in  college at paris and forget about all her childhood misery. When her parents announced that she was going to spend her summer at the Carinaw Island she was first shocked and then got afraid, because even after 6 years of therapy she  wasn’t confidant enough to face that hell again without breaking down.When she arrives at Carinaw Island she felt cautious and hoped she won’t run into them accidently especially Matt.When Margie meets Zach Robinson who was also one of the bullies in her childhood her hatred began to rise for him and her other tormentors.When Zach  insists that he was totally changed and he wasn’t like that anymore she didn’t believed a word from him and she kept her distance from him.But Zach wouldn’t back down and give up easily, he wanted to break down her walls from him and prove it to her how much he likes her.

The characters are the main factor that make the whole plot interesting, and for this one it was pretty well done.I adored this book especially Zach. One thing I don’t get it is, why Marge thinks of him as a bully well he was only a watcher and also friends with them which doesn’t make him a total bully. Margie was a character who was bit  snarky, quick-witted , humorous and sometimes insecure.And Zach, he was sweet and charming guy who also likes Cartoons  a lot and boy he tries very hard and struggles so much to earn her forgiveness. Most of the plot contains Zack trying to win her over and give him a chance and that was what me made me to stick with it till the end.

Some may feel offended with Marge being in love with her ex-bully but I’ve got no problem with it cause it was I like the nick names Zach made for Margie, whenever he calls her  like Margie Mouse and Mighty Mouse it was so funny. It would be more entertaining if it was also written in Zach’s POV. The relationship between Zach and Margie was sweet and slow building and chemistry between them is kinda cute and PG Rated.

Miss Starla got a creative writing style and it was easy to understand.Great character building and wonderful plot but I think it might need some slight polishing but we can overlook it.My focus  was mostly on Zach and Marge so I didn’t  pay much attention on the other characters except for Carter.The ending really gave me a heartwarming feeling and it was perfect.Actually I was going to give it a 3 star but because of the sweet ending it earned itself another star.So do I recommend this

MY RATING:   4-stars14-stars14-stars14-stars1

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