Persuaded By Rachel Schurig

RELEASE DATE: March 30th 2015
AUTHOR: Rachel Schurig
GENRE: Contemporary,Romance
SUMMARY: Annabelle Elliot will always think of Rick Wentworth as the one that got away, the only man she ever loved. But Rick’s vision of their future together threatened the one that Annabelle had been working towards her entire life. Allowing her friends to persuade her to end it had definitely been the right thing to do…hadn’t it?

When Rick turns up at her office ten years later, Annabelle is dismayed to learn that the fate of her company, the company she’s given up everything for, now rests squarely on his shoulders. The only way she’s going to get out of this is to work with Rick. Successful, talented, gorgeous Rick, who’s threatening to stir up emotions Annabelle thought she’d long since banished. Rick, who clearly hasn’t forgiven her for their shared past.

But the more time she spends with him, the more Annabelle realizes just how much she’s had to sacrifice for her success. As the threat against her company grows and the people she trusts most start to turn their backs on her, Annabelle is faced with her biggest choice in ten years: Will she allow herself to be persuaded to settle again? Or could this be her second chance at love?
book and ink

MY REVIEW:   Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion are two of my most favorite books of Jane Austen’s novels, so if there was any book that is inspired by those two books I’d surely give them a try. I’ve read so many books inspired by J. A, some of them are good and some were really bad that I couldn’t even digest them. I’ve really enjoyed reading Rachel Schurig’s persuaded which is somewhat illustrated differently, but not exactly like J. A’s Persuasion there were some minor differences between both books but still it was ok.

                              Miss Rachel has a wonderful writing skills which made no difficulty in understanding the story and she perfectly portrayed Anne’s inner turmoils with herself, which can be felt within her words. The story is in Anne’s Pov and I would’ve loved it more if there was also Rick’s Pov. The book got my attention due to its title which made me curious if this was inspired by J.A and when it truly is I just got excited even before reading it.

                                      The book starts with Young Anne and Rick who were already in love decided to tour the world together and they have already made the plans. Anne was really innocent and insecure girl who is always loyal towards her father and friends who don’t care about her except her rich friend Emma.Emma persuades Anna not to go with Rick and reminds her that her father will be really disappointed and persists her to complete the studies which was always  Anne’s dream. Honestly, I didn’t find any fault in Emma but Rick acted like a total jerk he didn’t even thought about Anne’s future and didn’t give her a chance to explain. Fast forward ten years and he still was the same jerk, but still got feelings for her which he was unsuccessful in removing them.

                                            When Anne and Rick meets once again after ten years old feelings reignite within themselves and always acts cold towards each other because of the hurt feelings. It was truly a roller coaster ride with all the raw emotions, feelings, guilt, love,etc. There were slight changes to the story when compared to the original, but the concept was the same and I think it would be enjoyed by all young adult and adult readers who love Jane Austen’s “persuasion”.

MY RATING:   4-stars14-stars14-stars14-stars1

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