Never Gonna Tell By Sarah M.Ross

Never Gonna Tell

RELEASE DATE: March 17th 2015
AUTHOR: Sarah M.Ross
GENRE: Young-Adult, Mystery, Romance
BOOK SUMMARY: My name is Reagan Wilcox: high school senior by day, kick-ass investigative journalist by night. I’ve always loved observing people—especially when they think no one is paying attention. I thought I was ready to cover any story. Work any angle. Nothing could have prepared me for what happened that night. I wasn’t ready for what I saw. And I certainly wasn’t ready for him. I always knew I’d write the headlines. Now, I just might become one.

REVIEW:   This is the first book I’ve read by author Sarah M.Ross and i’m so not disappointed in it.It was a thrilling ride with a mix of mystery, suspense and romance.Honestly i wanted to give 3.5 stars but because of its interesting plot and for the author’s effort i gave it a four stars.The story was about a girl named Reagan willcox an high school student whose sole ambition was to become an aspiring journalist and how her life turns when she gets herself at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses something that she wasn’t supposed to.

Reagan is quite journalistic minded and always seeking for a cover story that would make a good headlines though her search leads her to a dangerous situation where she could become  the next headline.There are some situations where i felt quite irritated with her stupidity(when she gets herself aware of her to Marco’s uncle Nicky who visits the school to meet his nephew Marco it was totally idiotic). If i have to describe Reagan than i must say she is brave,shy, and curious.Marco is a totally badass hotty,protective and my favorite character in the book.Even though he was a bad boy he was a total softy towards Reagan.

The chemistry between Reagan and Marco is good and very steamy.We’ll not get to see much of Reagan’s Best friends Charlie and Kally but they are well potrayed.There are some parts where i got bored and still i made to the end.Finally i must say I’ve enjoyed reading it even though there are some small flaws you can overlook it with its mysterious and suspenseful plot.I would  recommend it to any one who are into thrillers,suspense and mystery.

MY RATING:    4-stars14-stars14-stars14-stars1

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